Electroformed Psychic Abilities Herb Bottle Necklace

  • $28.00

This listing is for one (1) electroformed herb necklace, made with herbs to enhance psychic abilities.

This is a random selection listing, as all bottles are identical. Photo has been taken in natural light/sunlight indoors.

Each bottle measures approximately 1.9 inches long, and weighs approximately 0.13oz.

All pendants, depending on their size, come on a soft black cord. Chain is optional – please e-mail with your order number and preferred length if you would like to swap to chain (any larger, heavier pieces will be upgraded to chain automatically).

Our process has changed, and our copper jewelry is no longer sealed upon completion - we understand that not everyone is comfortable with sealants on their jewelry. If you would like this piece sealed with a clear coat protectant at no additional charge, please add the listing for the ProtectaClear sealant to your cart, found here.

**If you choose to have your pieces sealed, the sealant will inevitably wear away over time. However, you can prolong the life of the sealant by keeping the pieces dry (removing before showering/swimming or other strenuous physical activities), removing pieces before bed and removing before applying lotions or perfumes.

The primary ingredients in this bottle are Lemongrass and Wormwood. Both are used to aid in enhancing psychic abilities.

While our jewelry listings contain metaphysical properties for each crystal and/or element used in the creation of these pieces, these are provided for those of you who enjoy that side of things, and may be choosing to walk that path. They are provided for entertainment/educational purposes only. Please do not ever use crystals in place of professional medical treatment/help of any kind - we do not endorse this under any circumstances.



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Keep in mind that copper jewelry does turn skin green in some cases. If you do experience any skin discoloration while wearing your copper jewelry, do not be alarmed – this is due to the oils in your skin reacting with the copper, and it is completely harmless. Simply wash with soap and water. We do not accept returns or issue refunds on the basis of discoloration of the skin, as this is a common occurrence with copper jewelry and is well known.

To return your copper to its original shine (if it was not already pre-oxidized before shipped), wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth, or lightly scrub with a little vinegar or lemon juice, taking care to keep this mixture purely on the copper and not the crystal itself (otherwise, the crystal could end up ruined).

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